Alister McGrath

The website of an Oxford academic interested in the natural sciences, Christian theology, apologetics, and C. S. Lewis.

I am the Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at the University of Oxford. After studying chemistry as an undergraduate at Oxford, specializing in quantum theory, I undertook doctoral research under the supervision of Professor Sir George Radda in the Oxford University Department of Biochemistry, before switching to study theology at Oxford. In addition to my Oxford doctorate in molecular biophysics, I have two further earned Oxford doctorates in theology and intellectual history. My research includes extended engagements with the ideas of the Oxford writers C. S. Lewis and Richard Dawkins, as well as the relation of science and faith, and Christian theology and apologetics. All of these themes are explored in my publications and this website.

Weekly Video Postings: Every week, I will publish a video presentation dealing with some interesting issues, including short series dealing with the ideas of C. S. Lewis, the atheism of Richard Dawkins, Christian apologetics, some aspects of Christian theology, or my own move from atheism to Christianity. For a full list of these presentations and links, see here.

I have now posted the first four of a series of twelve new presentations, in which I explain how I moved from atheism to Christianity, and explored its leading ideas. This uses the visual image of an “Island of Faith” to explain my own transition from being a teenage atheist to a Christian theologian. In the fifth presentation, I talk about the intellectual importance of Albert Einstein’s views on the relation of science and religion, and the imaginative significance of Plato’s famous analogy of the cave, to my transition from atheism to Christianity.

Christian Theology: An Introduction. A set of nineteen video presentations are now available introducing every chapter of this best-selling textbook, helping you to get the most out of using it.

Theology: The Basics. A set of eleven video presentations are now available which introduce each of the chapters of this popular introductory textbook. A really useful resource that will help you get more out of using it.

The Christian Theology Reader. I have now posted a 25 minute video which provides an extended commentary on one reading from this widely-used work to help readers apply the same approach and gain more from their engagement with the 350 readings in this collection. The reading I chose for this extended engagement is 1.4, Augustine on Philosophy and Theology. I hope you find it helpful! You can apply the basic approach I use in engaging this reading to the others.

Just published: Alister McGrath, Through a Glass Darkly: Journeys through Science, Faith and Doubt. This is the story of my shift from atheism to Christianity, and how I came to love theology. I will post some videos about this soon. Watch here for details.

Just published: Alister McGrath, J. I. Packer: His Life and Thought. This is a great introduction to the life and ideas of the leading evangelical thinker James I. Packer, who died in Vancouver in July 2020. It has now been published in the United Kingdom by Hodder & Stoughton, and in North America by InterVarsity Press. My Oxford colleague Dr Andrew Atherstone liked it: ‘Alister McGrath is a brilliant guide to Jim Packer’s invigorating theological vision. Crisp, incisive commentary on every page!’

Science and Faith

As a natural scientist turned theologian, I have a special interest in this fascinating interface. I am developing a series of 25 8-minute video and audio presentations is in preparation. Watch for further details!

The Island of Faith

A series of presentations is in preparation talking about my own journey from atheism to Christianity. Details will be posted here soon!

Christian Theology

My theology textbooks have been translated into 19 languages, and are widely used throughout the world. See here for free video resources that will help you get the most out of them.

Christian Apologetics

As a former atheist, I believe Christianity ought to engage in public discussion about the ‘big questions’ of life. See here for my publications and presentations in this field.

Public Lectures

I regularly give major public lectures in universities and churches, and will post links to these. Follow this link for access to these presentations.


Although I am no longer an atheist, I have great interest in atheist writers such as Richard Dawkins and Iris Murdoch. See here for my engagement with these and other writers.

This site is under development, and new material will be added constantly. Please be patient while the site is gradually populated with videos and text material!

Alister McGrath very much regrets that he is unable to enter into personal correspondence about his ideas and publications, due to serious pressures on his time. It is hoped that this website will be helpful to those interested in developing or critiquing his ideas.