Lectures and short talks about theology, apologetics, science and faith, and C. S. Lewis.

Video Presentations

This page provides links to video presentations related to books I have published, or to topic areas. These are under constant development, and more sets of videos will be added in due course. At the moment, there are 27 videos on the theme of science and religion, and eight on C. S. Lewis. This page will be updated as more become available. A series entitled "Theological Reflections" will launch in October 2021. This will be a series of short reflections on a wide range of theological issues. In January 2022, I hope to launch a major series on "Introducing Christian Theology", which will give you an entry-level introduction to the basics of Christian theology. In May 2022, I will launch a major series on Christian Apologetics, which will introduce you to this fascinating field, and some of its leading representatives and their appproaches. So watch out for new postings!