Public Lectures

Alister McGrath lecturing in Hong Kong in November 2017

This page gives you links to videos or transcripts of lectures at universities, colleges and churches that might be interesting to you. You might enjoy this short clip of a conversation at Oxford University between myself and the physicist Prof Ard Louis.

If you like conversations, I think you will enjoy my conversation with J. John, in which we explore some of the big questions of faith; if you enjoy this, he and I will post a new conversation soon, in which we explore these questions further.

If you like C. S. Lewis, you might enjoy this 2013 lecture I gave in Houston, Texas, on Lewis’s relevance to our own day and age.

More seriously, here is a video of my inaugural lecture as Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford University, given in the Examination Schools, Oxford, in October 2014. It follows the traditional format of an Oxford inaugural lecture – a procession in formal academic dress into the lecture theatre, followed by the lecture without any introduction or questions.

McGrath Oxford Inaugural Lecture, 20 October 2014

Here is a recording of a lecture given at Regent College Vancouver in September 2018 which explores how Richard Dawkins and C. S. Lewis deal with the question of the meaning of life. There are some interesting questions following this lecture which are worth listening to. I will be posting links to others regularly!