Science and Religion: A New Introduction

Video Presentations

1: Science and Religion: Introducing the Field

2: Science and Religion: A Personal Journey

3: The Warfare of Science and Religion?

4: Science and Faith: Different Maps of Reality

5: What does it mean to explain something?

6: Scientific Explanation: How do we develop theories?

7: Finding the best explanation

8: Faith and Proof in Science

9: Faith and Proof in Religion

10: Scientism: Exploring the Limits of the Sciences

11: Religious Explanation: Can God ?explain? anything?

12: Watching the Heavens: Copernicus and Kepler

13: Isaac Newton and the Mechanical Universe

14: Miracles and the Laws of Nature

15: How does God act in the world?

16: Charles Darwin, Evolution, and God

17. Albert Einstein on Science and Faith

18: The Big Bang: Creation and Cosmology

19: Cosmic Design? A Fine-Tuned Universe

20: Models and Analogies in Science

21: Models and Analogies in Religion

22: Reductionism in Science and Religion

23: Science, Religion, and the Meaning of Life

24: Science, Religion, and Moral Values

25: Natural Theology, Science, and Religion

26: Mystery in Science and Religion

Conclusion: Framing the Relation of Science and Religion